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Poly on Metal Resurfacing

Patient Stories
Poly on Metal Resurfacing

In October Professor Derek McMinn outlined in a presentation to the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty the scientific and technological breakthroughs that have led to the next step in hip resurfacing - Polyethylene on Metal. This builds on the excellent record of the BHR allied with the latest medical engineering techniques.

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Maureen Berry

Maureen Berry - Interview
46 Years with a Successful MoM Hip

Professor Derek McMinn interviews Mrs Maureen Berry, a long term patient with a 46 year old Metal on Metal Hip on her left side and a 26 year old BHR on her right.

They discuss her experiences and how MoM hips can have highly successful outcomes.

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Lord Andrew

Lord Robathan - Left ASR Revised to Custom CBMHR (Oct 2013) & Right ASR Cup Revised to Custom Polyethylene Cup (Apr 2015)
Former Defence Minister & MP

Former Defence Minister Lord Andrew Robathan -came to see Mr McMinn when he was having trouble with his bilateral ASRs implanted in London. In 2013, Professor McMinn Revised his Left ASR to a Ceramic-on-Metal Birmingham Mid-Head Resection (BMHR). In 2015, Mr McMinn Revised his Right ASR Cup to a Custom Cross-Linked Polyethylene Cup. Now at two years following his Custom Polyethylene Cup surgery, Lord Robathan speaks about his experiences and what he has been able to achieve with his two new custom implants.

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Pauline Mower

Pauline Mower - Right BHR (2004) & Left Custom Polyethylene Hip Resurfacing (Jan 2017)
Retired School Teacher

Pauline Mower had a right Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) under the care of Professor McMinn back in 2004. She returned in late 2016 when her left hip presented problems and there was only one person she wanted to see. In early 2017, Pauline underwent a left Custom Polythylene Hip Resurfacing, a new device pioneered by Mr McMinn and the ideal bone conserving solution for active women like Pauline.

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Mark Edwards

Peter Austin - Right Hip Resurfacing (Sept 2016)
Filmmaker/Medical Filmmaker

Peter was a familiar face at The McMinn Centre when he came for consultation on his troublesome right hip last year. At the start of his media career, Peter worked for Professor McMinn as his Media Manager for several years. Diagnosed with Perthes disease at age 5, Peter knew what it was like to live with hip problems so found employment in an area of interest. Now at 33, the pain became too much and there was only one place Peter was going to go resolve it...

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Anthony Mundine

Anthony Mundine - Left BHR (March 2016)
Former NRL Player, Professional Boxing Champion

Australian sporting star Anthony Mundine travelled all the way from Sydney to Birmingham to find a solution to his ongoing hip problem. He was struggling with pain in his left hip so took the decision to fly across the world and underwent Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) surgery with Professor McMinn. Anthony aims to return to the boxing ring following his recovery and rehabilitation next year.

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Mark Edwards

Gordon Strachan - Left BHR (April 2007)
Scotland International Football Manager, Football Player, Golfer

Scottish football manager and former midfield maestro Gordon Strachan underwent a BHR in 2007. Suffering from arthritic pain and sleepless nights meant his hip was affecting both is professional and personal lives. Gordon led Celtic to Scottish Cup triumph just two weeks after surgery.

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Sian Williams

Sian Williams - Right BHR (May 2009)
Badminton Player & Coach, Fitness Instructor, Cycling

Sian Williams life became increasingly difficult when her painful hip affected her walking. Playing badminton regularly at international tournaments and working as a fitness instructor meant Sian was faced with giving it all up. In 2009 she had a right BHR from Professor McMinn and just four years later won gold at the 2013 Badminton World Masters Championships in Turkey.

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Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards - Right BHR (July 1997)
First Ever BHR Patient

Professor McMinn's first BHR patient Mark Edwards came for his 15 year follow-up consultation in 2012. He regularly swims and skis commenting, "I'm delighted that my hip resurfacing has allowed me to lead an active lifestyle. There seems to be no deterioration in hip function 15 years on."

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray - Left BHR (Nov 1999)
Professional Golf, Tennis, Swimming

After enduring years of discomfort with a hereditary hip condition, a BHR helped Andrew Murray get back to the game he loves. "That I can swing a golf club completely and utterly pain-free is beyond my wildest dreams," he says. "The BHR has changed my life completely."

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Wagner Carrilho

Wagner Carrilho - Bilateral BHRs (1999)
Contestant on The X-Factor

Back in 1999, Wagner Carrilho relied on a walking stick to get from A to B. But Bilateral BHRs transformed him into the gyrating X-Factor contestant we know and love. "Today I can run for miles," he says. "I went back to karate. My life is normal and I owe that to Professor McMinn."

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Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell - Left BHR (Nov 2010)
Fitness Training, Sailing, Action Movies

Former Mr Universe turned movie star Mike Mitchell was thrilled by his speedy post-op recovery. "Amazingly, 4 days after surgery I really did feel full of energy. The [hip] pain had gone completely," he explains. He's now back to body building, sailing his yacht and making action movies.

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Nica Burns

Nica Burns - Bilateral BHRs (Nov 2002/Nov 2011)
Co-owner & CEO of six West End theatres

Nica Burns's strong work ethic and improved mobility have paved the way to huge successes in the theatre industry. "It's essential in what I do that I'm mobile," she comments. "The years following my first BHR have been the most productive and best years of my life so far."

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Dave Eddy

Dave Eddy - Left Hip Resurfacing & Right BHR (November 1994 & July 2008)
Badminton Player & Coach, Tennis, Golf

Dave Eddy's life has been totally transformed with the addition of two hip resurfacings. Fanatic sportsman Dave was once crippled with painful hip arthritis however now plays badminton at World Masters level and has won several titles. Dave also coaches badminton and enjoys playing tennis and golf.

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Carl Fletcher

Carl Fletcher - Left BHR (Sept 1998)
Paragliding, Rugby, Running

In 1998 as Carl’s active life was “coming to a rapid end,” he was bleakly looking at a future withoutsport. But thanks to the BHR, Carl’s making the most of his second chance and has been encouraged to take up new challenges. “Professor McMinn has given me back my life and it looks good for the future.”

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Jim Ryall

Jim Ryall - Bilateral BHRs (Sept 2000/Sept 2003)
Mountain Hiking, Skiing, Sailing, Tennis, Fitness Training

Ex-Marine Jim Ryall has been highly active since his bilateral BHRs. In 2012 he climbed Mount Aconcagua (22,830 feet) in Argentina. "Without a shadow of a doubt [it was] the hardest thing I've ever done," explains Jim. "We spent 16 days on the mountain and the hips were perfect."

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Andrew Murray

Roderick Drew – Bilateral BHRs (Nov 2002)
Cycling & Marathon Running

Roderick Drew has always been a keen cyclist and runner. In 2012, he cycled 4,000 miles with the Olympic Torch, raising money for Macmillan. "Having my BHRs has been the most liberating thing imaginable," he says. "Not even the steepest hill makes me worry about the hips!"

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Jonah Barrrington

Jonah Barrington - Bilateral BHRs (July 1998/May 2001)
Six-Time World Squash Champion

Bilateral BHRs helped ex-professional squash player Jonah Barrington get back to full-time coaching. After being recommended the traditional hip replacement which was "not very encouraging," he was pleased to find a procedure enabling him to be "hugely active" following surgery.

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Peter Webb

Peter Webb - Bilateral BHRs (May 2001)
Marathon Running, Cycling, Gardening

Active patient Peter explains that by his early 40s, "All the running and triathlons had to stop because [my hips] were just too painful. Even normal family activities were starting to get difficult." Following his BHRs, however, Peter went on to complete the London Marathon in 2005.

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Lawrie McMenemy

Lawrie McMenemy - Bilateral BHRs (Nov 1999/Dec 1999)
Retired Professional Football Manager

Retired football manager Lawrie McMenemy's hip arthritis got to such a stage that, "I was walking along like Quasimodo some days!" he recalls. "Since I've had [my BHRs] I haven't had a twinge of pain." Lawrie is still active and healthy and plays regular golf.

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Maina Gielgud

Maina Gielgud - Right BHR (June 1999)
Professional Ballet Dancer

After a successful career as a ballerina, Maina Gielgud moved into coaching and directing. Her right hip deteriorated and she jokes, "It doesn't look good if a ballet coach is limping badly!" A BHR with Professor McMinn got her back to a pain-free, active lifestyle.

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Kerstin Palm

Kerstin Palm - Bilateral BHRs (May 1999/Oct 2004)
Former Olympic Foil Fencer

Fencer Dr Kerstin Palm was extremely sceptical of traditional hip replacements. With her BHRs she explains that, "I don't have to be afraid that the joint will dislocate. I can make every movement I want. I think long lunges in fencing would have been impossible with the Charnley implant!"

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Colin Tucker

Colin Tucker - Bilateral BHRs (Oct 2003/July 2008)
Professional Alpine Skier

After being, "Faced with the possibility of not being able to ski again," Colin was desperate to find a hip replacement that would allow him to get back to an active lifestyle. He explains, "In the end I chose the BHR procedure because it was the one that was fully researched and reliable."

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Desmond Turner

Desmond Turner MP - Right BHR (June 1998)
Former Labour MP for Brighton

Hip arthritis began affecting both Desmond Turner's private and professional life. "I couldn't run anymore. I couldn't fence anymore. If I carried a heavy briefcase, it was very painful," he remembers. Amazingly, "Within a week [of BHR surgery] I was back in my office."

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Mr MB - Right BHR (Feb 2003)
Active Orthopaedic Surgeon – Running & Mountain Hiking

As a surgeon who operates with the BHR, Mr MB was drawn to the benefits of hip resurfacing. "I know from my own clinical experience that in more active patients a traditional hip replacement wears out," he explains. "Whereas the [BHR] seems to be as good as the initial hip joint."

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Stephen Ross

Stephen Ross - Left BHR (April 2005)
Ice Hockey, Squash, Golf, Tennis

Stephen Ross was quickly back to doubles squash following his left BHR, stating that, "My movement was amazing." At that time, Stephen comments his friends who'd had, "total hip replacements a year prior to me were only just coming off crutches!"

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David Stableforth

David Stableforth - Right BHR (Feb 1998)
Consultant Physician - Cycling, Mountain Hiking

After the onset of hip arthritis, David explains, "I couldn't walk, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't live my life properly at all." He had a BHR with Professor McMinn and, "within a short time it had completely revolutionised my life. [Now] I can do all the activities I ever used to do."

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Stuart Sharp

Stuart Sharp - Bilateral BHRs (Nov 1999/Jan 2008)
Squash Player/Coach, Private Pilot, Composer, Author

Stuart has been extremely active since his bilateral BHRs and he has made a remarkable recovery. This is his personal video of that journey. His autobiography "The Gift" was published March 2018 and a Hollywood film is being produced about his life. For more information please see .

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Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts - Bilateral BHRs (Aug 2000/Dec 2010)
Ex-Manchester City Footballer

On the eve of his second surgery, ex-Manchester City man Phil reflects on 10 years with his first BHR. "I was told that if I had a full hip replacement, I wouldn't be able to play football again," he says. "But since [the BHR operation] I've played 5-a-side and 11-a-side regularly."

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Colin Gittins

Colin Gittins - Bilateral BHRs (April 2006)
Football, Squash, Circuit Training

Keen footballer Colin was determined to play football again after his BHRs. "If I do ever mention to my opponents that I've got two metal hips, they're absolutely incredulous!" he says. "I consider myself one of the best bilateral hip replacement players in world now!"

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Colin Gittins

Ian Cheal - Bilateral BHRs (Dec 2001/Jun 2008)
Mountaineering, Hiking, Gardening, Windsurfing

Bilateral BHR patient Ian Cheal embarks on a remarkable 84 day, 1200 mile walk from Land's End to John O'Groats. The keen walker and gardener said: "It's been a tremendous experience, being able to walk so far, I have every confidence these hip resurfacings will see me through!"

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