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Recovery Following a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR)

What is the recovery process like following a BHR operation?
How to recover from a BHR?

The McMinn Centre has produced this four-part documentary series detailing patient recovery following a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) procedure. Following the patient during their hospital stay and immediate post-surgery recovery through the next 12 months - the series highlights each step of the recovery process. Whilst patients are encouraged to be active following their hip resurfacing, it is important to follow the guidelines and not to over-do activities in the first 12 months. A guide to the restriction following Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery can be found here.

Jim Jenkinson received a right BHR in June 2010. This video documents his recovery during his 5 night stay in hospital. He discusses his hip condition, levels of pain, mobility following surgery and rehabilitation.

Recovery - 2 Month Follow Up

We caught up with Mr Jenkinson to see how he was getting on 2 months after his BHR surgery.

Recovery - 6 Months Post Op

Mr Jenkinson's doing well - he's back in the gym following a low impact exercise routine. Check out his video diary below.

Recovery - 1 Year Post Op

1 year after surgery Mr Jenkinson is back to life as normal. He leads an active family life with his two young sons, regularly works out at the gym and is back to high impact exercise. View his testimony below.

Recovery - 6 Years Post Op and Back for Second Resurfacing

6 Years later, Mr Jenkinson has returned to see Mr McMinn for his troublesome left hip. His right resurfacing enabled him to return to an active lifestyle but over the past year or so he has been somewhat restricted by left hip pain. There was only one person in his mind to see about a solution...

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