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Professor Derek McMinn MD FRCS - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mr. Derek McMinn, Birmingham Hip Surgeon
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Patient Info

Overseas Patients

Information for Overseas Patients

Professor McMinn treats patients from around the world (please click here to see which countries our overseas patients have travelled from). We have extensive experience accommodating patients from overseas and offer a personal and professional service, tailored to each individual. Our team is on hand to answer all your queries and assist you with any personal requirements for your trip to Birmingham. We value all of our patients and are committed to transforming the sometimes stressful preoperative period into a smooth, easy process.

Patient Testimonial

Rosemary Gretton travelled from California, USA for a right Ceramic BMHR (Birmingham Mid Head Resection) with Professor McMinn in July 2011. Following surgery, Rosemary found her hip arthritis was completely gone. She was also able to start walking the day after her operation. View her testimony in the YouTube video below:

You can watch more hip and knee patient interviews on our Video Testimonial page. The expanding collection of case studies to watch includes, Professional Golfer Andrew Murray, X-Factor Contestant Wagner, Iron Mike Mitchell and many more.

The information on this page gives a brief outline of the process our overseas patients follow before travelling to Birmingham. But if you do have any further queries, or require advice on flights, transfers or hotel bookings, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

To learn more about our patients’ experiences, please click here to read some testimonials from Professor McMinn's overseas patients.


For your guidance, please find below the normal schedule for overseas patients:

Please let us know if you have any allergies to medication, and if you experience any redness, seeping or itching from contact with any metals (i.e. costume jewellery, watch straps etc) or latex rubber.

  1. Send us a brief summary about your hip condition, as well as your date of birth, height, weight, sporting activities, any relevant past medical history, any general health problems and current medication. Please also send up to date X-rays of your hips including AP Pelvis and Lateral views taken within the last 3 months via post, courier or email - correspondence should be directed to
  2. As soon as Mr McMinn has seen your X-rays and confirmed he is able to operate on your hip, we will be happy to organise a date for you to have a consultation and surgery by Mr McMinn during the same visit to the UK.
  3. Fly to Birmingham International Airport (BHX) in the UK, approximately 10 miles from Edgbaston.
  4. Mr McMinn sees patients for consultation at the The Hospital, 22 Somerset Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2QQ. On the day of consultation, you will complete a patient registration form, have your height and weight measured and have two hip x-rays performed before being seen by Mr McMinn and one of his staff surgeons who will take your medical history, examine your x-rays and advise you on the best course of action for your particular arthritic condition.
  5. Consultations take place on a Wednesday and pre-op assessments on a Thursday or Friday depending upon appointment availability. Admission to hospital will be on the Monday following your consultation so we advise staying in a local hotel from Wednesday until Monday (for a list of hotels in the local area, please click here).
  6. The cost of your consultation will be £225.00 payable in cash on the day of the consultation. The cost for the x-ray is £154.50 (Hip) or £196.50 (Knee). If any additional x-rays are required there will be additional charges for these. You may pay by debit/credit card at the hospital for your x-rays.
  7. The cost of your surgery is dependent on the type of operation and type of prosthesis you receive. Please click here for further guidance on cost.
  8. Payment for surgery is completed prior to admission, and is inclusive of a four night stay in hospital, surgeon’s fees, anaesthetic fees, hospital accommodation fees, theatre fees, theatre consumables, ward consumables, radiology, pathology, in-patient physiotherapy etc., (please click here for the typical schedule during your hospital stay) but if for any reason the stay extends beyond this time then charges will be made for each additional night plus all related costs. Instructions regarding payment will be made by the hospital when a date for admission has been organised. We regret that The The Hospital does not accept American Express or Diners Card.
  9. Following discharge from hospital, Professor McMinn advises that you stay in a hotel in the UK for at least a week before flying home on a long haul flight. There are several tourist attractions in and around Birmingham which may be of interest during your visit.

Health Insurance

Patients with health insurance are advised to contact their insurance provider prior to making arrangements. Please note, the The Hospital has an agreement with the following International Insurance Companies:

Bupa International, Cigna International, Cega, Allianz,
Van Breda International, UnitedHealthcare International

If your insurance company is not listed above, this means the hospital does not have an agreement in place for direct settlement with your insurance provider. You will therefore be responsible for funding the surgery and then claiming the costs back from your insurance provider. The hospital will be happy to provide you with an itemised bill to submit to your insurers which will cover all elements of the costs involved including surgeon and anaesthetic fees. If necessary, once you have paid the fees, the business office can send you a proforma bill to submit so that you do not have to wait until after surgery to make your claim.

Contact Us

If you require any further information, please contact a member of of Professor McMinn's team

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