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Patient Info

Hospital Schedule

Normal schedule for a BHR Patient during their stay at The Hospital

Day 1 – Monday

Admission to hospital around 3.30pm. Introduction and documentation by nursing staff.

Our staff surgeons and anaesthetists will carry out a pre operative assessment at around 5.00pm.


Day 2 – Tuesday

Surgery day. At around 8.00am Mr McMinn performs pre-operative ward rounds to check the surgery planned for all patients, answer patient queries and confirm consent.

Anaesthetic induction and preoperative positioning will take around one hour (for more information on the anaesthetic procedure, please click here). The BHR operation usually takes around one hour.

Following their operation, patients are moved to the recovery ward where portable X-rays are taken to check implant seating. Drains are removed from the wound, usually 10 hours post op.


Day 3 – Wednesday
Post Operative Day 1

Routine blood tests are carried out.
Rehabilitation begins with bed exercises under the supervision of one of our physiotherapists, usually followed by the patient’s first steps out of bed.


Day 4 – Thursday
Post Operative Day 2

Physiotherapy – patients continue with bed and standing exercises, and use two elbow crutches to practice walking up and down the corridor.


Day 5 – Friday
Post Operative Day 3

A further post operative X-ray is carried out. Doppler ultrasound is performed on both legs to ensure there is no Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Pre discharge blood tests are carried out.  

Physiotherapy - patients are shown how to go up and down the stairs and how to get in and out of a car.


Day 6 & 7 – Saturday & Sunday
Post Operative Day 4 & 5

Patients are discharged from hospital once the medical, nursing and physiotherapy team have assessed that it is safe for them to go home. This normally takes place on the 4th or 5th Post Operative Day. To prepare them for their return home, patients will have had plenty of practice walking up and down corridors, walking up and down the stairs, getting in and out of bed and getting in and out of a car.

Prior to discharge, one of our physios will instruct patients on precautions and on a series of exercises for the next six weeks at home.

Transport from the hospital should be arranged with a friend or relative.

Please see the following video diary for further guidance on what to expect during your in-patient treatment - an interview with one of Mr McMinn's BHR patients on each day of his hospital stay.

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