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How to recover following a hip resurfacing or replacement operation?

What exercises should I do after surgery on my hip?
How can I recover quicker after hip resurfacing or replacement surgery?
What exercises should I do following hip surgery?

Rehabilitation Exercises following your Hip Operation

Exercise plays a crucial part in the aftercare of any hip surgery. It is important that patients regain movement, mobility, balance and strength after joint replacement. To help aid and encourage our patients to devote time post-surgery to routinely completing these exercises The McMinn Centre Physio Brian demonstrates the exercises recommended following hip surgery.

  • Hip Resurfacing
  • Total Hip Replacement (THR) - Exercises not suitable for all types of THR.

*NOTE: These exercises are NOT suitable for patients who have had small headed total hip replacements. If you have any concerns about which type of Total Hip Replacement you have, then please contact The McMinn Centre on 0121 455 0411

Our Rehabilitation Exercises video is split into four sections Bed Exercises, Chair Exercises, Standing Exercises and Exercises Following Post-Op Review. Here is a breakdown of which exercise sections are relevant to your recovery progress and their start time within the video.

Bed Exercises* (0:00) - Discharge from hospital until post-op review (6-8 weeks).
Chair Exercises* (4:32) - Discharge from hospital until post-op review (6-8 weeks).
Standing Exercises* (5:29) - Discharge from hospital until post-op review (6-8 weeks).
Exercises Following Post-Op Review (7:39) - After post-op review until one year post-op.

*These exercises can be continued alongside the exercises in the 'Exercises Following Post-Op Review' section.

Whilst in hospital your physiotherapist will advise you on exercises and movements that you should be doing to aid your recovery. If you have any questions about rehabilitation following your hip surgery please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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