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Welcome to The McMinn Centre, specialising in bone-conserving hip and knee procedures for young & active patients
Professor Derek McMinn MD FRCS - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mr. Derek McMinn, Birmingham Hip Surgeon
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The McMinn Centre

Celebrating 20 Years of the BHR!

On 30th July 1997, Professor McMinn performed the world's first Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) operation. Two decades later, we are celebrating the success of this bone-conserving procedure, pioneered by Professor McMinn, with the people whose lives have been changed by BHR surgery.

Now 20 years later, we wanted to hear from our BHR patients to mark this milestone. We have been overwhelmed by the influx of videos and photos sent in from patients – thank you so much for an incredible response!

In the celebration video below, you will hear testimony from a range of Professor McMinn's BHR patients over the years - and we are delighted to hear how the BHR has had such a positive impact on patients' lives.

The McMinn Centre team are simply overwhelmed by the amount of material sent in to help us celebrate the BHR and would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who took the time out to record and send in their video clips. Unfortunately there simply wasn’t room to include each and every single video, picture, email or letter in the video, but please know that a folder containing all correspondence received has been given directly to Professor McMinn.

UPDATED - Reviewing the amazing footage that we had to discard from the main video we created this short and snappy version, an attempt to create a short introduction to all the activities that our amazing patients do as they return to their active lives after surgery.


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