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New Materials for Hip Resurfacing
Northern Lights Debate ASR vs BHR
Metal ions and Wear Rates in the BHR
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What is the BMHR?
Carbides - Myth or Fact
10-Year survival of Double Heat-treated Hip Resurfacings from 1996
Sir Robert Jones Lecture
BOA September 2010
BOA September 2010
The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing and Other Options – The 15 Year Results of the First 1000 BHRs
Design of knee replacement- Can we approach normal knee function? Derek McMinn 2014
 'Metal-on-Polyethyene in Hip Resurfacing' - Derek McMinn, Ghent, May 2014
‘Race for Non MoM Resurfacing - Can we avoid another ASR?’ - Derek McMinn, Ghent May 2014
'Can We Classify Implants By Risk? – Resurfacing' - Derek McMinn, London September 2014
'Movement Patterns of the Knee Relevant to TKR' - Derek McMinn, London Knee Meeting, October 2014
Compromises in Knee Replacement Design - Derek McMinn, London Knee Meeting. October 2014
Hip Resurfacing - Does It Have A Future?
Why are the Functional Results
 of TKR so Poor?
Northern Lights Debate ASR vs BHR
Northern Lights Debate ASR vs BHR
Update on Hip Resurfacing' - Derek McMinn, December 2016
Causes of Failure with Hip Resurfacing
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The Good & Bad Of Total Hip Arthroplasty Vs Hip Resurfacing - ISTA 2023

New Materials for Hip Resurfacing: Why choose X-linked poly on metal?

Mr McMinn introduces the latest developments in hip resurfacing including an update on the progress of his work on X-Linked poly on metal resurfacing.

As delivered at the ISTA Conference in London on Friday 12th October 2018.

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Story - Presented by Mr Joseph Daniel FRCS

The McMinn Centres, Director of Research, Mr Joseph Daniel presents a lecture on the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) procedure – a treatment solution for patients suffering from hip arthritis. Mr Daniel discusses the historic solutions and outcomes of hip replacement arthroplasty, leading to the development of the Hip Resurfacing and ultimately the BHR implant.

Mr Daniel explores the history hip joint replacement and Derek McMinn's development of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR). The lecture looks at early treatments of hip arthritis, including fusion and excision, the development of hip joint replacement techniques by McKee, Ring and Charnley. Osteotomy, the realignment of the femoral head, was another method used in order to combat the pain of hip arthritis, before the development of modern Total Hip Replacement devices.

The aim of the hip resurfacing procedure is to improve outcomes in young and active patients – a patient category who are generally unsuitable for traditional total hip arthroplasty devices - and many tests were undertaken using metal, ceramic and polyethylene components. These were the foundations that lead to the modern metal-on-metal hip resurfacing and Derek McMinn began clinical trial studies in 1991, with first generation metal-on-metal hip resurfacings.

The BHR was introduced in 1997, as an as-cast device with no further heat treatment. The Birmingham Hip Resurfacings design and metallurgy has not been changed or altered since its introduction. The failure rates are a very low and the RSA cup migration test results favoured long term survival of the hip resurfacing implant.

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is used widely around the world and is FDA approved for use in the US.

Professor Derek McMinn recently recorded a new lecture 'Birmingham Hip Resurfacing & Other Options'. This lecture offers a comprehensive view of the current status and future of hip resurfacing and also discusses the 15 year results of Mr McMinn's first 1000 BHR patients, which are now available. Click here to watch BHR & Other Options.

Watch an interview with the first ever Birmingham Hip Resurfacing patient Mark Edwards, now at 15 years post-op, Mark talks about the difference the BHR has made to his life and the activities he can continue to enjoy. Watch Mark Edwards talk about Hip Resurfacing here.

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