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Feedback from Overseas Patients

I write to congratulate on a second perfect hip resurfacing last September. As you may remember I saw you late last summer after several frustrating visits to our local teaching hospital here in the US. The upshot of these was a refusal to resurface because of my age, a sprightly 74. I am glad I rejected their proposal for a replacement and headed for your clinic in Birmingham which I knew from my earlier left hip resurfacing of 10 years ago.

I have had no pain since day one after the operation and I now walk 4 to 6 miles every day without discomfort. Furthermore the cost was a fraction of what it would have been in the US system. Keep up the good work!

Reg, Georgia, USA

In 2002 at a relatively young age [52] both my hips were giving me a lot of pain. I live in South Africa so went to see the hip specialists here and said that I wanted the best guy for the job. Without hesitation Derek McMinn and the BHR was recommended to me. I went over to Birmingham to have the operations [a week apart] and there has been no looking back. Immediately I was pain free and very quickly I became as mobile as I ever was. Nowadays I play tennis and squash without a problem and walk miles on photographic safaris. I still ride horses and go on long motorcycle tours in different continents every year. He did a great job for me and I will be eternally grateful

Bryn, South Africa

I was reluctant to undergo invasive surgery and prevaricated for several years while my condition deteriorated and all other alternatives failed to address the problem. I had to give up the sports I enjoyed, began to walk with a limp and felt discomfort at night. I have now had two Birmingham Hips implanted by Mr McMinn and I am delighted with the results. I�m back on the squash court with a new lease of life. I felt fully confident and comfortable throughout my hospitalisation and recovery period. I would recommend consideration of this procedure by any sufferer from osteoarthritis of the hip who wishes to prolong their active sporting life.

Peter, Singapore

Before my left Birmingham Hip Replacement five years ago I was in nearly constant pain, unable to turn over in bed, my hip frequently "gave way" when walking and I had great difficulty in rising up out of any chair. Two days after my operation my relatives were absolutely amazed when I got up out of my chair at the hospital with no hesitation and no problem; this was just the beginning of my return to normal life! I have no pain, I am fitter physically than I have been for more than 10 years and I am able to exercise by practicing yoga twice a week, swimming nearly every day and generally keeping active. This exercise has helped me keep my other hip going. I would have no hesitation in recommending this type of hip replacement for anyone who wants to remain active and pain free. I will certainly return when my right hip needs a repair!

Mary, Spain

It's strange how a person can live with and tolerate pain? You adjust, stop doing the things you love and become a reduced and modified version of who you really are. Then you come across a solution that is hard to accept, in my case I read an article about a guy who had both hips resurfaced and resumed his ballet career. I had to learn more so I took the plunge and travelled from Philadelphia to Birmingham to see Professor Derek McMinn, perhaps the best decision I've ever made. Now approximately eight years on the new hip doesn't even squeak and I can even sleep through the night. Derek McMinn has combinedthe disciplines of metallurgy and orthopaedics that other medical processionals can only dream of.

Frank, Philadelphia, USA

As I live in a ski resort in the French Alps, I had lead an active lifestyle involving both downhill and cross country skiing in the winter, and hill walking in the summer. Now, 15 months after my hip resurfacing, I�m able to do all these things several times a week, and with no more pain at all. My life has returned to normal, and I�m looking forward to many more years on the slopes. Thank you to Mr McMinn, Mr Chandra Pradhan, and the team.

Angela, France

My BHR operation has been nothing short of a transformation. From becoming steadily more restricted in my physical activities, I have now reverted to a very full and very active lifestyle. My twin passions of cycling and walking the hills have been returned to me in full measure. For this, and the many other benefits I now enjoy, I am deeply indebted to Mr McMinn and his team. I think it was best summed up by the orthopedic consultant I visited for a check-up. When he saw the X-Ray and asked who performed the operation, his response was �I can see the Master�s work!�

David, Oman

After my insurance provider refused to allow me to go to a surgeon with much experience here in the US, with the help of Vicky Marlow Mr McMinn agreed to take me on as a patient. I had never travelled to Europe, so this adventure was certainly outside my comfort zone. My wife and I travelled to Birmingham from New Mexico and spent a total of three weeks there. All of the people we dealt with at the McMinn Centre and at the The Hospital were very kind and caring. My new Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is functioning perfectly. I will forever be indebted to Mr McMinn and Mr Pradhan and everyone else involved in my care for my excellent care and outcome.

Charlie, New Mexico, USA

I had my surgery 3 years ago and it was a complete success. In fact it was strange to wake up without the ache in my hip that I felt for so many years. I am able to remain fully active, working out 4 days a week including weights, cardio and swimming. I also coach football (soccer over here) 4 days a week. The new hip gave me my sporting life back. I would like to thank Mr McMinn for doing such a wonderful job. I also must say that the facilities where I had the surgery are second to none. The support staff was absolutely first class.

Trevor, Ontario, Canada

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