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Video Testimonials

Kerstin Palm - Bilateral Birmingham Hip Resurfacings (May 1999/Oct 2004)

Former Olympic Foil Fencer

Dr Kerstin Palm is a Dental Surgeon and former Olympic foil fencer from Stockholm, Sweden. Kerstin, who participated in seven Olympic Games from Tokyo in 1964 to Seoul in 1988, was totally put off traditional hip surgery in her native Sweden and searched for an alternative in medical journals. She was impressed to discover the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) and went on to have bilateral BHRs with Mr McMinn in 1999 and 2004.
“With Mr McMinn’s method, you don’t cut off a lot of good bone,” she explains. “You take off only what is sick and nothing else. I don’t have to be afraid that the joint will dislocate and it means I can make every movement I want to - for instance fencing. I think that long lunges in fencing would have been impossible with the Charnley implant.”
Kerstin is clearly thrilled with her BHRs and to be back fencing regularly. She comments, “When I looked for what implant I wanted; what I got from Mr McMinn was 100% the best thing you can get. It took away all the problems you have with the Charnley implant.”

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