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Video Testimonials

Phil Roberts - Bilateral Birmingham Hip Resurfacings (Aug 2000/Dec 2010)

Chartered Accountant, Ex-Manchester City Footballer

After the onset of arthritis in the late 90s, ex-Manchester City youth footballer Phil Roberts had begun to struggle during his sporting down time. “The recovery period got increasingly arduous and difficult - particularly at night,” he says. “I was also starting to miss a few football games which wasn’t like me at all. It was just so painful afterwards.”
Desperate for relief, Phil initially opted for a total hip replacement but was rapidly put off thanks to some key advice. “I was told that if I had the hip replacement I wouldn’t be able to play football again,” he explains, prompting an anxious search for an alternative.
A possible solution appeared in the Sunday Times. It said World Champion Jonah Barrington was back to playing squash following a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) performed by surgeon Derek McMinn. Convinced by Barrington’s testimony, Phil had a right-sided BHR in August 2000 and soon got back to playing “regular 5-a-side and 11-a-side football” with no re-emergence of pain in the interim.
Eventually, Phil’s left hip became arthritic so, once again, the search was on for a BHR surgeon. Phil was however, thrilled to discover Mr McMinn was still doing the surgery, commenting, “It was a no-brainer for me. I was delighted to meet him again.” Following his consultation, Phil booked his surgery “almost 10 years to the day” after his first BHR and is determined to get back to playing football once again.

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