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Video Testimonials

Desmond Turner MP Right Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (June 1998)

Former Labour MP for Brighton

Hip arthritis started affecting Desmond Turner, both professionally and personally. “My life was becoming unworkable,” says the Brighton Kemptown MP. Remembering his agonising daily struggle he explains: “Walking became difficult, and if I carried a heavy briefcase it was very painful.” It was in 1998 when he first saw Mr McMinn about the possibility of having a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR).
The discomfort and restrictions associated with hip arthritis were affecting Desmond’s sporting activities and the idea of the BHR appealed to him enormously, he recalls: “I couldn’t run at all and I couldn’t fence anymore. When Mr McMinn described what made it work, being a scientist, I appreciated the significance of all the minor details.”
Desmond had been walking with a limp prior to surgery and remarkably he says: “Within a week I was back in my office and a few days later I was at the Lisbon International Expo, very quickly post-surgery.”
Desmond is thankful for Mr McMinn’s work and is ever confident about the longevity of his implant, he says: “I’m very appreciative of the difference it’s made to my life, and if I lived to 100, I still don’t think I would need a revision!”

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