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Video Testimonials

Maina Gielgud - Right Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) (June 1999)

Ballet Dancer, Coach & Director

Ballet Dancer turned Director and Coach Maina Gielgud put up with hip arthritis for years before pursuing surgical options. She explains, “It was intermittent pain and it got the point where I was continually limping and people were feeling very sorry for me. It doesn’t look good if a ballet coach is limping badly. And I was still trying to teach and demonstrate, so it was a real handicap.”
Maina recalls her reasons for putting off intervention, “I was terrified of having a hip surgery. I spent about 10 years from when it first started bothering me to having the operation. Then I met with Derek McMinn and he certainly gave me a lot of confidence and I went for it.”
Aside from some initial post-op discomfort which she blames on a reluctance to take painkillers, Maina has since enjoyed an active, healthy life. She says, “From that first day to this I have not had one moment of pain!”

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