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Hip Resurfacings Help Badminton Coach Dave Eddy

Dave Eddy is a self-confessed 'sports nut', playing tennis, cricket and golf, whilst representing England at Badminton over 50 times and winning a World Championship. Having retired from his banking career aged 50, Dave found he was struggling to play and take part in any sports due to his painful arthritic hips.

In 1994 Dave saw Orthopaedic Surgeon Derek McMinn, who had recently developed a modern metal-on-metal hip resurfacing procedure. The bone-conserving hip resurfacing device closely matched the natural anatomy and its hard wear-resistant surfaces meant it was ideal for younger patients who wished to remain active in the future.

Despite only a short clinical follow-up, Dave decided Derek McMinn's hip resurfacing procedure offered him the best chance of getting back on the court and being active again, and if it didn't work he could be revised to a traditional Total Hip Replacement (THR) – the only alternative treatment option available anyway.

Dave openly admits his hip resurfacing allowed him to pursue a further career in Badminton, playing and coaching. "I can remember the operation as it transformed my life," remembers Dave "from something of a cripple, to someone who could walk normally and play badminton to whatever level I wanted." Play badminton at a high level is exactly what Dave did, going on to win World Masters Championships and other titles.

Living locally in Birmingham meant Dave kept in touch with The McMinn Centre and in 2008 when the pain from his opposite hip became too much, he went under the knife again with Mr McMinn performing a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) on him. The BHR launched in 1997 and is the finished design from Dave's early 1994 prototype hip resurfacing.

The 2008 operation took place at The Hospital, where Mr McMinn exclusively operates and Dave describes it as: "A smooth operation, it was very professional and I was made very comfortable anything I needed was attended to straight away." Using BMI's dedicated and experienced team Dave noticed, "The recovery was a lot quicker, the physio gets you up and moving a lot, it was great!"

Happy with his hip resurfacing Dave says: "I can play international sport without any problems! I have no problem recommending Derek McMinn and the BHR to my friends, and quite a few have had their hips done as well." Before adding, "Derek McMinn is who I consider to be THE expert in hip surgery."

Dave recommended Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery with Derek McMinn to fellow Badminton player Sian Williams in 2009. Four years later Sian won gold at the 2013 Badminton World Masters Championship in Turkey, watch her video case study here.

Dave Eddy 2013 World Masters badminton Veterans

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