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Video Testimonials

Retired Teacher Pauline Mower returns for left Custom Polyethylene Hip Resurfacing after right BHR in 2004

Retired School Teacher Pauline Mower had a right Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) under the care of Mr McMinn back in 2004. She returned in late 2016 when her left hip presented problems and there was only one person she wanted to see. In early 2017, Pauline underwent a left Custom Polythylene Hip Resurfacing, a new device pioneered by Mr McMinn and the ideal bone conserving solution for active women like Pauline.

In this interview, recorded at her 2 month post-op follow up, Pauline talks about how the pain she felt in her right hip before surgery was different to the pain she felt in her left hip before surgery. She is delighted with the outcome of both of her operations and continues to sing the praises of Mr McMinn and his team.

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