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Video Testimonials

Jonah Barrington - Bilateral BHRs (July 1998/May 2001)

Six-Time World Squash Champion


Six-time World Squash Champion Jonah Barrington turned to coaching after the onset of hip arthritis. He was understandably keen to stay active, explaining, “I had a very long career as a squash player, into my 40s. I basically thought I was going to play forever but my body started to break down at that stage.
“I had a problem with my left hip from about 1988,” he continues. “I saw two or three specialists who were not very encouraging in regard to what activity I might be able to do with a traditional hip replacement. It was more by chance that I came across the Birmingham Hip procedure.
“Derek McMinn explained to me the difference between what he did and what everyone else did at that time,” recalls Jonah. “He made it very obvious that it would be possible to be hugely active once the initial rehab phase was completed. And that was very different to everybody else.”

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