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Video Testimonials

Stephen Ross – Left Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (April 2005)

Ice Hockey, Squash, Golf, Tennis

skiing with a hip resurfacingActive sportsman Stephen travelled over from Canada to have his hip resurfaced by Mr McMinn. “He performed the surgery as a result of my active lifestyle,” explains Stephen. “I played competitive ice hockey and squash and noticed several years ago that I was incurring a lot of pain on my left side, initially thinking it was as a result of a back or groin injury.
“As one might know,” he continues, “when you have an injury of that sort, it’s a nagging injury that may not correct itself unless you give it a lot of rest.” And, after resting for some time with no improvement, Stephen decided to go ahead surgical intervention, putting his initial hesitance down to “human nature”.
He was immediately impressed by the information and service he received from the McMinn Centre. “The treatment from Mr McMinn’s staff was world class,” he says. “They always make you feel you’re important - from the administration side right through to Mr McMinn and his staff surgeons.”
After patiently waiting to recover from his BHR surgery, Stephen is delighted to back playing competitive sports. “In the early part of the fall I began to play doubles squash,” he recalls. “My movement was amazing to some people who knew my history and they couldn’t believe what I was doing. There were other people that had had a total hip replacement - even a year prior to me - and they were basically just coming off crutches!”


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