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Mr MB - Right BHR (Feb 2003)

Active Orthopaedic Surgeon - Running & Mountain Hiking

Active Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr MB was well aware of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing's (BHRs) benefits when his own hip started causing problems. “People would tell me I was limping the whole time which is a little irritating if you’re an Orthopaedic Surgeon,” he says. “I had a bit of pain, but walking and jogging and performance were definitely down. I was doing the BHR operation myself and close friends of mine had had it done. So I decided the time had come to have something done about my hip for quality of life, and I went to Derek McMinn.”
Mr MB, who has competed in 15 London Marathons explains, “I do hip replacements and I was aware that the conventional hips were not very successful for young and active patients - we were using metal-on-plastic joints and they were wearing out. I’d been on a training course and done several operations and been very impressed with the BHR’s results in other patients. So I thought, ‘well this is for me then.’”
Regarding competitor resurfacing device, he says: “Everybody’s now producing large-headed hip resurfacings but in my own clinical practice I’ve stuck with the market leader - the one with the most track record, experience and research base - the BHR. And I don’t see any reason to change that now.”
Mr MB recalls that following his surgery, “My range of movement was completely back to normal within three months. Within six months I was able to do anything I wanted and I’m now back to previous performance. I’ve had no regrets and I’d recommend the surgery to any of my friends and colleagues - and have done.”

Please find Mr MB’s full video interview below:

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