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Rehabilitation & Recovery

Recovery Following a BHR Operation

What is the recovery process like following a BHR operation?

Jim Jenkinson received a right BHR in June 2010. This video documents his recovery during his 5 night stay in hospital. He discusses his hip condition, levels of pain, mobility following surgery and rehabilitation.

Recovery - 2 Month Follow Up

We caught up with Mr Jenkinson to see how he was getting on 2 months after his BHR surgery.

Recovery - 6 Months Post Op

Mr Jenkinson's doing well - he's back in the gym following a low impact exercise routine. Check out his video diary below.

Rehabilitation Exercises following your Hip Operation

McMinn Centre Physio Brian demonstrates the exercises recommended following your Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, Birmingham Mid Head Resection or Total Hip Replacement operation.

*NOTE: These exercises are NOT suitable for patients who have had small headed total hip replacements. If you have any concerns about which type of total hip replacement you then please contact The McMinn Centre on 0121 454 0411.

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