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Patient Testimonials

The following testimonials are the thoughts and opinions, from only a few of the thousands of happy, satisfied and well-functioning patients of Derek McMinn. Video interviews and case studies from some of our patients talking about their recovery and return to an active lifestyle can be found here.

I have not noticed any deterioration in my operated hip - it is still performing very well and I am making good use of it. I play tennis two or three times a week and am otherwise fairly active. I found that the absence of pain gave me a very welcome "energy burst". This encouraged me to retire from IT when I was 56 and enrol at drama school. I trained as an actor and have been working professionally regularly over the last three years. Shakespeare to Dad's Army! It has been tremendous fun.

David, Kent, UK.

The operation has been nothing short of a miracle.

Harold, Lincolnshire, UK

I had two hips operated by Derek McMinn and his team: I was third in the Alpine Ski World Master Cup and still fighting for a podium this year. It would have been impossible to obtain these results with a traditional operation. Thanks to Derek McMinn!

Giovanni, Italy

This a note of profound gratitude to Mr McMinn and his team for helping me back to an active lifestyle. I'm 36 years old with 3 beautiful and very energetic children. Three years ago after a yearlong research I chose Mr McMinn to perform a BHR on my left hip. Like a miracle I suddenly after the surgery had a normal life!!!

Every year I think of Mr McMinn at least 100 times. I could jump for joy and I actually can jump now!Thank you.

Michelle, Florida, USA

I want you to know how grateful I am that you pioneered the resurfacing procedure and were able to perform your skills on me. I am still enjoying a robust healthy lifestyle and see no end to it.

Roy, Warwickshire, UK

I am pleased to report that the hip has worked well with no problems at all. I am able to hike, cross country ski or snowshoe twice a week and am able to travel around 10 kilometres and climb three or four hundred metres without any hip problems.

John, Calgary, Canada

Derek McMinn is bloody BRILLIANT! 'WE' are eternally grateful.

Roger, Cornwall, UK

Ten years on and the new hip's as good as ever. Walking, cycling, sailing and a motorbike trip over the Himalayas coming up. Many thanks to DM for a renewed lifestyle.

Paul, Hong Kong

All in all the BHR is quite a remarkable achievement for you and all your team.

Neil, Shropshire, UK

I am very happy, haven’t any pain, play tennis and walk, walk, walk.

BIG, BIG, BIG thank you Mr McMinn!

Andrea, Italy

I am so pleased to have met with you and had you perform surgery to correct my problem. I really have never had the chance to formally thank you and your staff surgeons for such wonderful care and attention that you all gave to me.

Stephen, Toronto, Canada

My day to day work is free of pain and discomfort, and the pronounced limp that I had developed over the years has completely disappeared.

Andrew, Staffordshire, UK

I am so thankful for the Brit who suggested BHR for me. Almost one year has passed since the operation, and now ballroom dancing, with no pain, which I had suffered during the last 50 years. I recommend Mr McMinn to everybody who could benefit from his work. The attention at The Hospital was the best since my Mother´s!

Robert, Panama

The Hospital in Birmingham, one could not fault, the recovery was so easy and I am back in the tennis court!

Susan, Buckinghamshire, UK

It really is time I wrote and told you what a fantastic job you did on my hip. Six months later it felt like it did when I was 20.

Malcolm, Devon, UK/Florida, USA

I would like to offer my most enormous thanks to you and your team for my recent Birmingham Hip Resurface surgery. I feel absolutely marvellous! No pain!

Joyce, Surrey, UK

As a patient of yours back in October 2001, can I start by saying a huge thank you for the quality of life you have given me. In the last three years (Feb 2005) I have gone from strength to strength, from enjoying leisure time with the family, to competing in two 24 hour Mountain Bike events!

Mark, Surrey, UK

I wonder why I waited so long before having the surgery. I play tennis several times a week plus golf and cycle without any inconvenience or pain. I am constantly recommending the McMinn hip resurfacing to all my friends

Roger, Florida, USA

Mr McMinn is a genius and should deserve a knighthood for all his excellent work.

Niall, Bedfordshire, UK

I had hip resurfacing in January 1999 at age 58 and have not a trace of discomfort since. I regularly play tennis, cycle and walk in the Alps. Every day I feel grateful to the friend who advised me to go to Birmingham and sample the McMinn technique, and grateful to Derek McMinn as well, of course.

Paul, Switzerland

It now goes without saying that my left hip never gives me a second thought and I am still able at 60 years of age to coach, train and play Badminton to World Seniors Level.

Dave, West Midlands, UK

Mr McMinn took the operation on, of which I cannot thank him enough, the care which I received was second to none both from his colleagues and staff, Thank you!

Alan, Stafforshire, UK

Eight years on and not a twinge of pain from day one from the new BHR joint.A testament to the skill and care of Mr McMinn and his team. Even reduced my handicap on the golf course!

Charles, France

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