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Hazel Ward - Left BMHR (Dec 2006)

Dairy Farmer

Dairy farmer and housewife Hazel Ward, from Oswestry, came to The McMinn Centre in 2006, suffering with severe destructive arthritis. “Of course I can,” said Mr McMinn when asked if he could treat Hazel’s hips, reflecting on the damaged and worn state, he explains: “but I can’t guarantee what kind of hip I’ll give you.” Preparing himself for the unsuitable bone quality, Mr McMinn has a range of different implant options available to him during surgery, to ensure the optimum outcome for the patient.
Her pain levels started increasing, leaving Hazel feeling hopeless and developing a limp, which she found quite embarrassing. After discussing surgical options with Mr McMinn, she knew what she wanted from the operation: “I wanted to be out of pain and able to walk normally.”
Unfortunately Hazel’s hips were unsuitable for a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR), as the femoral head had deteriorated so much. However, there was appropriate bone stock left for Mr McMinn to use another of his implant designs, the Birmingham Mid Head Resection (BMHR).
Hazel recognises everybody from the nurses to the cleaners looked after her well during her stay, recollecting: “The care in the hospital was absolutely amazing.” Making light of the situation she jokes, “That was my Christmas present from my Husband, having a new hip, though I would have liked a new diamond as well!”
Describing her BMHR as “marvellous,” Hazel’s recovery has allowed her to get back to work helping run the farm with her Husband. Regularly carrying buckets of feed and milk, her new hip lets her undertake the tasks she needs to. No longer struggling and taking regular medication as she previously did, Hazel cheerfully says: “It feels amazing and I forget I’ve got it.”

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