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Dennis Hill - Right Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (Dec 2003)

In 2007 Dennis Hill, from Surrey, took the leap of faith and faced the Bloukrans River Bridge bungee jump in South Africa. Dennis isn’t your regular thrill-seeker; he dived from the 700-foot bridge with a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) in his right hip.
After suffering with arthritic pain for around 10 years, Dennis visited Mr McMinn for a consultation in late 2002 and had a BHR the following year. The BHR allows patients to lead incredibly active lifestyles, without the constraints of a regular Total Hip Replacement (THR). However, there are two activities which Mr McMinn strongly discourages BHR patients against; parachuting and, you guessed it, bungee jumping.
Just four years after surgery, Dennis decided that the once in a lifetime adrenalin-rush from leaping off the world’s highest commercial bungee jump, outweighed the risk of dislocation and other complications with his BHR.
Whilst Mr McMinn still strongly advises against patients bungee jumping and parachuting, he was: “relieved to see Mr Hill and his BHR survive the jump.”

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