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Video Testimonials

Brian Beech - Right BMHR (Aug 2009)

MD PR Company, Active Squash Player

Managing Director Brian from Cheshire put up with hip arthritis for years explaining, “It got to the point that I couldn’t cut my own toenails or drive any distance without stiffening up. It really was quite an onerous, torturous, painful experience.” Matters came to a head after Brian struggled to get properly dressed for work one day. He comments, “I went to a high-powered business meeting in London with my suit on, my shirt, my tie and one sock on and one sock off.”
Such were his levels of pain that Brian eventually had to give up his beloved sport as well. “Psychologically it does drain you and you do feel somewhat dispirited,” he recalls. “And when you’ve been a sportsman of varying competence all your life, it’s really frustrating to know that those days have gone.
“After about seven years of intense pain I decided enough was enough. I went to see Mr McMinn in Birmingham and the diagnosis was prompt and accurate and he was very thorough, sympathetic and understanding in explaining what needed to be done. And, following the Birmingham Mid Head Resection (BMHR) operation, I have to say my life was transformed immeasurably.
“I followed the rehabilitation procedure to the letter and subsequent to the operation, I’ve not had a single occurrence of pain or discomfort. Everyone who’s seen me since the operation can’t believe I’m back to my fighting best.
“My 13-year-old son saw his dad walking with a limp and not being able to play sports with him. I’ve now started playing tennis with him, so it’s just great be able to do all those things and even turn out in the dad and lads team and accredit myself very well. So even at the advanced age of 56 it’s nice to be starting my exercise and physical well-being all over again.”

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