Don’t Put Up & Shut Up!

Chartered Surveyor Max and his BHR experience… When I had my first hip done in 1999 I had spent the previous 5-7 years in serious discomfort to the point of not being able to participate in any activity whatsoever. Having … Continue reading

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Iron Man’s New Metal-Metal Hip

Active patient Jon talks about travelling to the UK for BHR surgery with Mr McMinn and his recovery… It has been almost two months since Mr McMinn and his surgical team performed a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing on my right hip. … Continue reading

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The Jolly Rancher

Ex pro waterskier turned rancher Paul tells his BHR story… My waterskiing career ended in the jumping event, September 1975 at the World Water Ski Championships near London when upon landing, my left leg hyper extended by some forty-five degrees. … Continue reading

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Hip Arthritis – Snow Joking Matter

How a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing got ski instructor Wayne back to his active lifestyle… I’ve played sports all my life and have played hard daily since about the age of three. All I’ve ever really wanted to do was play … Continue reading

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Mountain Man

Peter talks about his many sporting achievements, including completing the 2011 Everest Marathon… I first decided I wanted to run the Everest Marathon because previously, in 2007 I ran a marathon and rode the first ever bike marathon on the … Continue reading

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Getting a Kick out of his BHR

Karate Instructor Norman’s Story… First and foremost, I would like to say a really BIG thank you for the work Mr McMinn did on resurfacing my left hip back in 2001. At the consultation stage you told me you had … Continue reading

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8 Responses to Getting a Kick out of his BHR

  1. Carson McBride says:

    Exactly one week since my right hip resurfacing procedure carried out by Mr D McMinn.Left hip resurfacing was carried at same centre by the same team in February 2004. Again every little detail was attended to with an unbelievable degree of care and attention. My stay was enjoyed and the procedure excellent. Nothing but praise for Mr McMinn and his surgical team and staff at the Edgebaston hospital. Now it is exercise followed by exercise but all very worthwhile. To all of you a big thank you. See you at the review.

  2. James Moran says:

    I had both my hip joints re-surfaced in Birmingham by Mr.McMinn in January 1998. Fourteen years later at the age of 78 I still lead a reasonably active life (tennis, biking, walking in the countryside). No problems.

  3. Mike hallerstrom says:

    Hi there,
    Mr McMinn operated my hip in 2004. For some 2-3 years prior to that I suffered
    Pains resulting in bad sleep and limited movement. After the operation and rehab pains were gone. Bliss. I did soft exercises. I took some 12 months off”before Starting to sport again. Then i started with golf and trekking. My golf has improved and i play regularly.i am very happy With my hip. The security alarm at airports goes off every time…during my weekly travels. When i run i get what seems to be, pains in my heel bone. I try to wear soft shoes.
    I hope that my Bhr will last longggggg. Mike.

  4. john stevenson says:

    Dear Sirs.
    This is the first time I have gone on your web site read and listened to ex patients, it makes
    me feel part of a family of people who have just left it to Mr McMinn to perform his work with his passion and professianism as we all know him, leaving us all with a new life to lead without pain and depression of not able to play sport or even work to earn a living.
    I had two hip resurfacing 1996 and 2000 by himself and have never taken it for granted expecting at some time there could be a problam, I am playing golf to 9 handicap,walking ,swimming running never interested me but I could if wanted too .I ran a flooring company over the years laid carpet and tiles when called too,I could go on but just would like to thank him and his staff.
    The news of late regarding hip resurfacing we must make the general puplic aware that there is only one succsesfull hip procedure the BHR and we all must make them aware of it.

    Many Thanks and kind regards.
    John Stevenson
    PS I was 60 in February look a lot younger another thank you to Mr McMinn.

  5. Ophelia Viltz says:

    Very nice design and wonderful subject material, hardly anything else we need :D .

  6. Harvey Garfield says:

    At the age of 45 , my left hip was so bad I could barely walk let alone play golf and tennis .
    My GP put me on voltarol tabs which reduced the pain slightly and told me I was too young for a hip replacement . I went along with this for a further two years . That’s when I heard about the BHR . After my consultation with mr McMinn I went to an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion . He said he did not perform this technique as it had no track record and why would I wish to be a guinea pig . Come back and see me in 20 years . Keep taking the “medicine” in the meantime .
    I had the BHR in birmingham in 1999 and have not experienced so much as a twinge since and Was back to playing tennis and golf within a month .
    Right hip done in 2007 . Same excellent results .
    I have no hesitation recommending the procedure and have done so on several ocassions.

  7. Anna Prosser says:

    Lot of unfounded rumours surrounding BHR, so was reassured by response when I contacted Mr McMinn’s team. I had my resurfacing in 1999. I was in acute referred pain which felt as if someone was chopping off my toes with an axe. Within weeks I was playing tennis again and continue to enjoy my sports, skiing, golf and tennis although in my 70′s. I do feel that Pilates is essential to prevent further problems.

  8. Mike Hoskin says:

    Like so many others, I have nothing but praise for Mr D McMinn and his team. It is over ten years since I had my right hip resurfaced in Birmingham, and each year I look forward to receiving my Oswestry Orthopedic Hospital Survey Sheet on which I report back the continued success of my surgery. Even my left hip, which had also just begun to trouble me back then, has given me very little discomfort since my op. I am a very active 63 year old who regularly swims, hikes, runs and cycles long distances, and completes the occasional triathlon, with no discomfort what so ever. Prior to my BHR I struggled to climb over stiles or mount my bike, and running was a thing of the past. For me, having researched the information available at the time, the decision to have a BHR was an easy one to make with confidence, and one which proved to be life changing. If you need it, go for it.

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