Iron Man’s New Metal-Metal Hip

Hip Resurfacing StoryActive patient Jon talks about travelling to the UK for BHR surgery with Mr McMinn and his recovery…

It has been almost two months since Mr McMinn and his surgical team performed a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing on my right hip. Just eight weeks out, I am already thrilled with the outcome. Mr McMinn has restored the quality and comfort of my everyday life.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Mr McMinn and his entire staff, including all of the team members at The McMinn Centre and at The BMI Edgbaston Hospital. Each and every person charged with my care exceeded all of my highest expectations.

My wife and I would like to personally single out Pam Charles, The McMinn Centre Manager. Pam has gone above and beyond all calls of duty to make this a remarkably comfortable experience. Pam continues to track my progress and I hear from her every week. We are grateful for having met her.

I would also like to mention that Staff Surgeon, Chandra Pradhan has also been wonderfully helpful and supportive. As an example, Chandra called me last Friday to discuss the next phase of my rehabilitation and recovery. His input has been invaluable.

Hip Resurfacing StoryAs a bit of background, I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my right hip in 2004. Too many years of marathon running and other endurance sports (including one Hawaii Ironman World Championship) had taken their toll. While originally diagnosed by Dr. Richard Paul of Boston University Medical Center, I spent the next several years researching my clinical options. My research included consultations with a number of renowned doctors from all over the US.

My rationale behind pursuing all of these visits (most of which were at my own expense) was to fully understand my condition, research the optimal course of action and to identify the absolute best physician with whom to entrust my care.

Based on the input collected over the seven years, I decided to go forward with a hip resurfacing based on Smith & Nephew’s Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System (BHR). I also came to the conclusion that, for me, Mr McMinn and his team were the best in the world for this procedure. Mr McMinn’s track record is outstanding and his patient satisfaction statistics are absolutely compelling.

Well, I can unequivocally now confirm that I was right on the money!! You and your team have given me my life back, Mr McMinn! I feel great already and still have so much more upside ahead of me.

I first contacted The McMinn Centre at the end of November. I was immediately connected with your team and off we went. We had everything completely arranged by the first week of December. This never could have happened without Pam’s exceptional stewardship.

My wife and I arrived in England on December 14th. We were collected at Heathrow Airport by Ron Griffiths, a wonderful gentleman who promptly whisked us off to Birmingham for my pre-op assessment.

My surgery was December 20th at Edgbaston Hospital. The surgery went off without a hitch and I was discharged on December 23rd, a few days ahead of schedule. My wife and I stayed in London until the 28th and were back home in the states a mere two weeks after departing. We celebrated a belated and joyous Christmas with our two young children on December 30th. Amazingly, I was back to work the week of January 2nd. Of import is that I also travel for my work. I have had virtually no disruption in my work activities.

Hip Resurfacing StoryAs an aside, we live right in the heart of Boston. Boston has a very proud and internationally distinguished medical community, and is the home of several medical centers of excellence. For these reasons, it would seem unusual that a surgery candidate such as myself would seek care elsewhere, nonetheless overseas. I did so because I sought the absolute best care in the world for a life-impacting procedure. Well, it turns out that I did exactly the right thing!

Thank you, Mr McMinn, for a job perfectly done!

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