Getting a Kick out of his BHR

Karate Instructor Norman’s Story…

First and foremost, I would like to say a really BIG thank you for the work Mr McMinn did on resurfacing my left hip back in 2001. At the consultation stage you told me you had only 11 years “experience” with this new procedure. Back then I was in absolute pain all the time and I thought that waiting another eleven years (or less) I would be in a wheel chair!

Before the operation, I would go away on Karate training courses for a weekend in England and Europe. It got to a stage where I would train on the Saturday for four hours and on the Sunday I could barely walk (limp). The training “sucked” all the energy out of me. My body was trying to protect itself and it took all of the following week to recover!

The morning after you operated on me there was NO PAIN and I could not wait to try out my new hip. Okay, you said I would have to wait six weeks for the hip to settle and you were spot on. I remember when I came back to see you after the six weeks and you said to me, “try and break it!!” So I tried and failed. It was the best feeling I’ve had since I was 22 years old when I damaged myself in a competition.

You really gave me my life back, Mr McMinn – thank you. Now 11 years on from my operation the “new hip” still feels new. I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet meeting you. You just don’t know how much you’ve helped me get on in life, business as well as karate training.

If there’s anybody out there thinking, “should I go for this operation?” I’m telling you now – it’s the best thing you could give yourself… A new lease of life, which you’ll live to the full. Enjoy!

Check out Norman in action in the YouTube video below:

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