Totally transformed my life!

Christine Wilkins no longer struggles to play in golf club championships, thanks to the Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery she had in 2010 performed by Mr McMinn. Here is her story:

replacement hip surgery golfer at fancy dress

"I would never have been able to bend down in this position prior to my operation"

I have always been a very active person and I played every sport I could at school. I joined an Athletic Club at the age of 11 and represented my County from the age of 13 onwards. I was Essex Champion at the 800m 1500, 3000m and cross country. Joining a tennis club meant I played a couple of times a week.

When I stopped competing at athletics I took up golf. My husband was very keen on the game and it was not long before I was hooked as well.

I came out of my running retirement to race the London Marathon. I ended up running three marathons for charity in 2000, 2001 & 2002. It was following the third marathon that I started to experience problems and pain in my back and hip. I went to see my doctor who told me there was nothing wrong with my back but my hip was the problem. He referred me to a physiotherapist and I was given regular exercises – but it didn’t really get any better. I saw a second doctor privately who told me I was far too young to have a hip replacement operation and I should just put up with it for as long as possible.

I came away rather dejected as I could now not lead the sort of life I had been used to. I hobbled badly round the golf course and hated it when people asked if I was OK and what had I done. It got to a stage where I couldn’t put on my socks or do up my shoe laces without lying on the floor – my hip was that bad. I was taking Ibuprofen tablets before a game of golf in the hope it would help the arthritic pain. Sitting on a plane for any length of time was so bad. I remember going to Florida and having to lie in the back of a friends’ car to try and ease the pain. I have a strong pain barrier but at times I just wanted to cry.

It was by chance I was playing golf with a friend, who mentioned that her father had seen a Mr McMinn in Birmingham and had both hips resurfaced at the same time. I came home and Googled Mr McMinn and read about the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing and about Mr McMinn. I phoned The McMinn Centre and booked an appointment to see Mr McMinn. It was quite a journey from Essex but it was the best decision I have ever made.  Mr McMinn said he wanted to do the hip operation as soon as possible and asked why I had left it so long. It was such wonderful news to hear that something could be done and I did not just have to put up with this pain and discomfort.

replacement hip surgery patient mcminn

Christine (middle) and some friends at an annual fancy dress party!

Within a couple of weeks I was booked to have the surgery; unfortunately I wasn’t suitable for a hip resurfacing, so Mr McMinn elected to do a full hip replacement. The treatment I received prior, during and after the operation was excellent. Everything is explained and your mind is put at rest. It has transformed my life! I no longer struggle to get around the golf course. In fact, I play in the club championships which are over two rounds – 36 holes on the same day. I can do my shoe laces up again and my scar is so small and neat that I am proud to show it off.

I have a little discomfort with my other hip at times, but I know that if it starts to get a problem there is something I can do about it and I would not hesitate to call and see Mr McMinn.

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