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Skiing with aHip ResurfacingHertfordshire-based Steve Ryans sporting story…

I have always been an active sportsman and since childhood took part in football, basketball, judo (Black belt), squash, tennis and a long distance running (County level), amongst other sports and activities.

I developed what I thought was a groin strain in my left pelvis and when a course of physiotherapy didn’t help I was eventually referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who indicated I had the onset of degenerative arthritis, suddenly I was staring at a replacement hip.

To say I was devastated was an understatement – sport has always defined my life, health and well-being. I have a very busy and stressful job as Managing Partner of a Law firm and have always used sport as a counterbalance to my work life.

I then set about extensive research and enquiries, including taking advice from various medical professionals. I even phoned the medical team at Manchester United FC as I was aware that Roy Keane was having similar hip problems!

I became aware of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR), pioneered by Mr McMinn, and began reading patient testimonials (including elite athletes) and it gave me real hope for the first time since my diagnosis.

I remember vividly my first consultation with Mr McMinn – he took one look at my X-ray and said “This is a bad hip!” At that stage I was still very active and I remember asking when he thought I should have the procedure, to which he indicated when I asked him for it and I said that’ll be never then!

His response was very wise as it turned out when he indicated that I should consider the operation when my condition affected the quality of my life.

Over the next few years my condition worsened and I developed a hobble, which turned into a limp, to the point where I couldn’t sustain any of my impact sports activities leaving only gym activities, as I had increased discomfort pain and stiffness in my hip joint.

So when the time came I knew with some confidence that the BHR was the answer and I’m pleased to say I recovered very quickly from the operation and was pain free immediately afterwards.

I am now leading a much fulfilled active life playing basketball, skiing and golf in addition to gym activities. We have skied over the last three seasons in Canada, Switzerland and the French Alps including black and mogul runs – my hip has been absolutely fine but it’s tough on the knees!

I have recently taken up road-bike riding in response to a charity bike ride challenge, cycling from Lands’ End to Hertfordshire! We covered over 330 miles in four days (80/90 miles per day). I trained for approximately 5 weeks and despite giving away 10 (or in some cases 20!) years to my companions I was one of the fittest and strongest riders in the group.

I will always remain extremely grateful and indebted to Derek and his skilful team and the McMinn Centre.

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