A Swift Recovery

Having suffered from pain in my knee and then hips from the age of 45, I heard of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing from my wife after she’d seen a programme on the television. So in 2000, at the age of 50, I took the plunge and went for my first hip operation.

Although I had some post-operative pain the deep aches that I had got used to over the years had suddenly disappeared. I was up and on my feet the day after the operation and 3 days later I walked to the University of Birmingham and took the service lift to see the Pre-Raphaelite paintings in the Gallery; making sure that sister Jackie never found out!

On returning home after surgery I followed the instructions given to me and soon found myself walking several miles per day. Within seven to eight weeks I was enjoying a quality of life that I had almost forgotten about.

Three years later the second hip was becoming painful as had been predicted. I had no hesitation in going ahead with another BHR operation. This too was a great success and my recovery was just as rapid.

I took early retirement and since then ‘retirement’ has taken on a whole new meaning. We have done a lot of travelling and, as the Argentinean Tango is one of our activities, a trip to Argentina and Milongas in Buenos Aires has been one of our most memorable holidays. Living in London we make the most of what it has to offer and I do voluntary work for a local amenity society. I swim several times a week and we garden and do some walking. The arthritis has affected my spine and I had to have an operation for a prolapsed disc last year. However, I only get pain in my hips if I have sat awkwardly and for over 2 or 3 hours. Walking almost any distance is never a problem although I would like to be more flexible – I never was and therefore cannot expect to be!

I have recommended the operation to two acquaintances who are both equally as pleased as I continue to be.

With grateful thanks, Jean-Jacques Aune

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