Jumping in at the Deep End

Lorraine’s BHR Story…

I had a right Birmingham Hip Resurfacing 8 years ago at the tender age of 36. I was an active person, walking, badminton, lots of golf, cycling, running, but these activities became impossible due to the pain in my hip. It was also becoming difficult putting on socks, getting in a bath, sleeping was disturbed and my general mood was affected. Not to mention the pain, it felt like my bones where grinding together and on a level of 1-10 I would say I was an 8. I then saw my reflection in a shop window and realised how badly I was limping – I decided it was time for definitive action.

I had been to a specialist previously who recommended I just keep taking anti-inflammatories and pain killers as I was too young for corrective surgery. I was dismayed at this as I felt taking pills was only masking the pain and could cause further damage but I didn’t have any alternative. It was just by chance that a very good friend mentioned the BHR. I had no hesitation in booking an appointment and was in to see Dr McMinn in a matter of days. To my delight I was told that I was the perfect profile for a hip resurfacing as I was young, very active, fit etc. and my bone density was good.

That was it, I booked it!

The surgery was great to be honest; I expected lots of pain and bruising. The fact is, there was no bruising – which I do attribute to good operative technique and the use of arnica as a natural healing remedy given by the centre. The pain was totally minimal, I was up on my feet the next day having physio. I was given the exercises which I stuck to rigidly and the indication was that I was to have walked a full mile by the 6th week – I actually achieved this by the 3rd week.

I even went back into work on the 4th week due to boredom! Luckily I have a very good friend who drove me in then and back home. I have a business with a large warehouse with long aisles, my exercise was to walk up and down these aisles at least twice a day, which would take around half an hour each time.

At my follow up I asked Mr McMinn what is the absolute best way of healing the muscles and building strength – he said, “swimming.” I said, “I can’t swim.” He said “LEARN!” So, every morning for 2 months I went to the swimming baths for an hour, just jumped in and hoped for the best! This did build the muscle up very quickly, which helped me get back to full operation within 3 months.

So, I am a massive advocate of the BHR; if I hadn’t had this operation my quality and enjoyment of life would have been severely limited. I got back into golf very quickly and play at a decent standard. I walk the dog, I play badminton, the only thing I don’t do is the running, but that’s just laziness!

In summary, the last 8 years with my BHR have been fantastic and I don’t have any indication of any problems so far, I can even get my own socks on and get in (and out) of the bath without help! I think we should be very, very grateful that this procedure is available, if it becomes problematic further down the line, so what – I just dread to think where I would be now without it. THANK YOU!

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