Stuart’s still very much on track!

Seventy-one year old author and composer Stuart Sharp has sent in a video to show he is still as active as ever!

Stuart Sharp Running Track

In answer to my regular hip re-surfacing ‘how are you doing’ questionnaires I thought I would make an amusing video with a serious message.

My first re-surfacing was done in 1998  - I can’t believe 16 years has elapsed – and my second was done in 2008. Although I’m in my seventies, I am fitter than ever and running round my local race track on a regular basis, interspersed with bouts of on-court squash training routines. On the track I do 10 x 100 metre sprints with minute breaks.

Stuart Sharp Running Track 2

In this video I broke the world over 70′s 100 metre sprint record – If you believe that you will believe anything!

Seriously though it shows how amazing Mr McMinn’s revolutionary metal hips are doing and continue to do all these years later.

Hope you see the funny side but understand the serious point:

- Stuart Sharp

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