More active than I’ve ever been!

Keen cyclist Geoff talks about his life-changing hip resurfacing surgery…

In the summer of 2009, at the ripe old age of 38, I finally went to the doctor after being unable to walk or sleep for several months because of extreme pain in my groin.  I had ceased working out because of the pain, which was horrible as I had always been active, having played ice hockey through college and then taken up cycling and running for the prior 7 or 8 years.  I assumed I had simply pulled something and needed some physical therapy or rest to make things better.

When I learned that I needed a new hip, my life was turned upside-down as I had never contemplated this outcome and knew little about what this might mean, nor did the doctor I first consulted on the prestigious Harley Street of London.  To say I was distraught by the thought of having to go through a hip replacement at the age of 38 was an understatement. Frustrated and depressed by the initial diagnosis and prognosis from the random orthopaedic surgeon I saw in London, I decided to do some research of my own.

As an avid cyclist, I was well aware of Floyd Landis’s return from a hip surgery and began researching what he had done as it had allowed him to return to cycling. Obviously, this lead me to Dr McMinn and the BHR, which I was fortunate enough to take advantage of having moved to London several months earlier from the U.S.

Since the surgery, the impact on my life has been incredible.  The pain I experienced before was gone immediately and after the surgery in September, I started riding on my trainer in November and then completed a week of riding in the Alpes following the Tour de France for a week in July, less than a year later.  We covered many of the famous tour climbs, including Alpe d’Huex, Col de Galiber, Col de la Madeleine and several others.  Our longest day was over 110 miles and included 5 mountain passes, which I’m happy to say was all completed pain free.

Since then, I remain active, cycling over 5,000 miles per year, limited only by my job and family commitments.  I compete in century rides and am also part of a local cycling team now in Atlanta. I have also begun running again in the fall of 2013 and I am happy to say that I am experiencing the same pain free results.

The final results from my BHR surgery by Dr McMinn are a complete contrast from what I expected when I first learned a needed a new hip. I haven’t slowed down a bit and am arguably more active than I have ever been.  Obviously, every case is different but this surgery has changed my life and if the BHR and Dr McMinn fit the situation, I can’t recommend it enough.

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