BHR ‘the best choice of my life!’

Chris Brightmore remains active after BHR surgery with Mr McMinn in August 2013….

After suffering with increasing pain and accepting it was not just fatigue from running and cycling, I was informed my hip was failing and a replacement was required at some point. At 44, this was not great news. I desperately wanted to be active and continue with my sporting hobbies which I did for about 14 more months. I then researched and could not see any better choice than the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR).  After completing my last 24 hour mountain bike challenge in July 2013 on my worn out hip, I was ready to face a new chapter and went in for surgery in August 2013 and I truly did not expect to be able to ever consider sports at the same level again.

Chris Brightmore Cycling

Chris Brightmore Cycling

The operation went well and I was cared for in a very warm friendly way and soon I was home and on my road to recovery. I became very focused on doing everything to the letter in my recovery. I ate well, slept, rested and exercised as I was instructed and also took on extra Physio in the first 3 months. I believe this was the key to where I am today – that and the great piece of engineering delivered by Mr McMinn and the BHR.

The last 12 Months I have gained back everything and more. I’m stronger, more agile, pain free and able to consider everything and more – providing I remember I’m 47 – it’s all possible. I returned to cycling and in July did a night lap in a 24 hour mountain bike challenge. This gave me the confidence to try things I thought I couldn’t. It was liberating and I remembered my thoughts from 12 months prior that made me smile knowing I was ok and back fitter and stronger. I actively go to the gym and I have recently returned to squats of 100 kg confirming everything is operating perfectly.

The confidence gained allowed me to take on a 110 mile charity cycle ride in October 2013 in aid of Leukaemia. We rode from Derby to Liverpool Football club in just over 7 hrs and I felt completely comfortable it was a great achievement for charity but on a personal note conformation that I made the best choice of my life when I had the surgery last August. I have now agreed to do a coast to coast ride early next year and I see no reason I can’t keep going for years to come.

- Chris Brightmore

Chris Brightmore Charity Cycle Liverpool FC

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